Canning Street.

Canning Street evening


My cycle rides  into and home from work are two of my favourite times of day. Melbourne’s grid layout makes it ideal for biking, with generous cycle paths sweeping right through the suburbs. Morning is good time to clear the cobwebs, as I speed downhill into the city towards my first coffee of the day, often amongst a peloton of other two-wheeled commuters; one morning last week I counted 35 of us. Naturally I make it my mission to overtake anyone outrageous enough to wear lycra.

At the end of the day it’s a lazy cycle home towards the park and remaining evening sun, or a tipsy twilight peddle after a drink or two in the town. Sometimes I catch myself making ‘racing’ noises, swooshes as I turn corners – and that’s when I have words with myself. It’s made me realise I could never live in a place where I couldn’t safely cycle every day.  A bike, to me, is absolute freedom, and heck if you have more than that drink or two, you just leave it where it is – who’s going to steal a 27 year old Malvern Star?