Watch this.

Everybody has to see this film. It’s the Melbourne International Film Festival here and on Thursday I went along to the screening of Florian Habicht’s Love Story. I’m going to make a bold statement. Bar The Little Mermaid, this is the best film I have ever seen at the cinema.

Love Story is a really unusual film, which stars the charming New Zealand director Habicht: don’t be put off by the seemingly mushy title, this picture is truly genre-defying. Set in New York the film begins with him on the subway, falling for a mysterious woman carrying a piece of cake. From there begins an incredible love story which blurs the lines of reality and fantasy. Flitting between filmic scenes and documentary footage, the director approaches members of the New York public to ask them what should happen next in the film – you see a host of hilarious, worrying and oddball locals who steer the plot. A stellar Skype performance from Florian’s fantastic German father is the only person in the feature that the director knew before filming begun.

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in a cinema, not the atmosphere in the auditorium fantastic and Habicht who was at the screening seemed genuinely excited and surprised by the turnout. Ultimately, the film reminds you that even when you are s stranger in a city, just taking that step to speak to people helps write the scenes of your own story.

There’s rumour of it coming to the BFI in London, please please go and see it if you are in town! I can’t wait for there to be a DVD release so I can stop gushing and share it with more people. Also on the to do list: New York…

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