What kept you so long?

It looks like I had a bit of time out. Moving continent turned out to be kind of hard work. And I’ve been spending a lot of time writing here, which for a while was fulfilling all my wordy needs. Then I took a long trip home, which was really lovely.

I had a blogging dilemma. I spend A LOT of time on blogs. I’d say maybe 18% of my waking time. Generally fashion is a bit over-blogged. I am not cool, nor am I going to be posting pictures of myself dressed in wacko outfits that make for amusing browsing. I’m not particularly insightful, nor do I have niche knowledge of some nerdy topic. But actually, sod all that. I like the process, and who knows, one day it might get interesting. If you’re along for the ride, hold tight and God bless.

*God bless may have made me sound religious. No, I’m not even that interesting.