The chop.

Short hair rocks. For four years I’d been growing my hair out a) because I’m lazy and b) because it recession-proofed my scalp. Long hair is lovely – but not if yours is the consistency of wire wool. So! I had it hacked off to shoulder level and I’m pretty relieved. Now I just want to go shorter-shorter! Here are some other chicks who agree short is the shiz.

Chicks from top: Madeleine Bowden, me, Emily Weiss and the awesome Yasmin Sewell (good Aussie).



Lookk: See.

I’ve recently been working on a collaboration between EDITD and Lookk, which will feature in their site’s magazine this week. Whilst I’ve been applying trend data to their designer’s collections, it’s been a really good opportunity to get familiar with their site. Lookk brings social and commercial together – designers upload their collection’s lookbooks which users can then vote for favourite items or ‘follow’ the designer. When enough demand is generated, the item or collection is put into production.

And this is the really interesting part; it’s Lookk who take care of the manufacturing process. They take a cut of the profits and use their own factories to produce the items. Having worked for a young label struggling to establish good communications with factories, I can see the real appeal of this. It can be a nightmare getting your runs prioritised and getting good deals for fabrics and components. Even sourcing graders and trims suppliers can be hugely time-consuming, so I can see the appeal in cutting this out! Lookk can help launch the careers of fledgling designers and give the designer’s an insight into their fanbase which is measurable.

Some people have been sceptical about the cut that Lookk take, but I think anything which puts new designer’s work on a social platform is a good thing – and feedback and commentry is vital at this early stage. My only criticisms would be firstly, that the seasons can be misleading – if there’s a past season collection on there and enough people like an item, will it get made? Secondly, it would be nice if the huge selection was a bit more searchable.

Have an explore, there’s some really great stuff on there, ranging from commercial to highly-creative and much of the photography is excellent. Lookk cover all bases including womenswear and menswear, accessories and jewellery, from designers across the globe. A link to the project I’ve been working on should appear on the EDITD blog later this week. In the meantime, check it out yourself!



On the ranch.

I see horses.

Just look at their faces. Being a seahorse is cool. Wearing them in your ears would be the next best ting.

Cleopatra. Coming atcha’.

Heaven on a neck.

Read all about it.

The London Fashion Week report I’ve written for work (trend forecastors, EDITD) has received some prettty nice coverage from The Guardian, ELLE and Melanie Rickey of Fashion Editor At Large. Which is really exciting! The original can be found here.

Maria Grachvogel SS12.

Maria Grachvogel’s show at the beautiful Savoy Hotel yesterday afternoon was a masterclass in drapery. In a palette of fleshy nudes, grey, bright lime and hot pink, Grachvogel’s signature prints fluttered down the catwalk. I was a fan of the art deco earrings worn on models who stalked out to Bowie’s Rebel Rebel. My friend Kat has been interning with the brand for the past few months and is now feeling exhausted but deservingly triumphant. Well done!


Suno SS12.


 Suno’s first ever catwalk show took place last night. They have toned down their madcap styling it seems, but happily it still screams Suno. Love the shiny red leathers, delicate lace and black and white prints.

Incidentally, Now Fashion have become the first site to start streaming catwalk imagery in real time. How long will it be before the rest step up?











Back to Schouler.

Get yer skates on.

The office at work is quite spread out and in my capacity as Gatekeeper I have to do a fair bit of toing and froing. I knew skates would be a good idea, but I had no idea that I could combine hipster and roller shoes, ideal for Old Street office duties, no?

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