What kept you so long?

It looks like I had a bit of time out. Moving continent turned out to be kind of hard work. And I’ve been spending a lot of time writing here, which for a while was fulfilling all my wordy needs. Then I took a long trip home, which was really lovely.

I had a blogging dilemma. I spend A LOT of time on blogs. I’d say maybe 18% of my waking time. Generally fashion is a bit over-blogged. I am not cool, nor am I going to be posting pictures of myself dressed in wacko outfits that make for amusing browsing. I’m not particularly insightful, nor do I have niche knowledge of some nerdy topic. But actually, sod all that. I like the process, and who knows, one day it might get interesting. If you’re along for the ride, hold tight and God bless.

*God bless may have made me sound religious. No, I’m not even that interesting.

Antipodean Arrival.

After months of excitement, I’ve arrived in Melbourne where I shall spend the next few months spreading the EDITD word. I arrived during the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival – lots of seminars and consumer shows as well as a slot for EDITD at the business seminar. I’m really looking forward to tracking down why Melbourne is deemed the world’s most liveable city. Over the coming months I’ll be presenting the evidence right here!

First stop was Melbourne zoo, to introduce myself to the locals. How frigging lazy are kangaroos?!! This bad boy was the only one who bothered to get up and introduce himself.


..aren’t that great. Ho-hum. But here are some recent things which were.

The Owl and the Pussycat.

All the good things happen in October. It should last forever.


My first Smörgåsbord at Scandinavian Kitchens on Great Titchfield Street. Which aside from being yum, I’m quite pleased about because I get to use the å symbol for the first time ever.

Swedish meetballs and beetroot on rye, smoked salmon with caviar on rye and melon and feta salad.

Don’t they realise?

That I am the 5th member of Warpaint/would be if I could play an instrument or hold a tune?!


Will be this, courtesy of Smitten Kitchen. That is when I can stop nibbling at the grapes and cheese and start creating…

Handbags at dawn.


Mulberry cookies! G worked at a Mulberry event and sneaked me home a cluster of these delicious ginger and vanilla cookies; complete with buckle! How I laughed to return to these spread out on my worktop. Top marks G.

Here goes.

My first Christmas tree! Purchased for a neat seven pounds on Camberwell Church Street, I couldn’t resist getting into the spirit of things rather early (against family rules to wait until after Dad’s birthday, sorry Dude). I made some cheap garlands from little triangles of paper and topped the tree with what vaguely resembles a dala horse. Finished off by bunging some cinnamon and walnut blondies in the oven which made the flat smell divinely Christmassy.

Hello tree!

Here is my little bonsai in situ – what a happy little chap he is, kept company by Dala horse. I thought I’d share a pic because my lovely Dad Mum (correction, apparently the mothership sent it, apologies) sent me a Bonsai book as a result of seeing me blog about them. And here is proof that it’s been watered (the immersion technique incase you were wondering).