Collage crazed.

My friend Rebecca put me onto Beth Hoeckel, and boy-oh-boy am I glad she did. Hoeckel has only ruddy gone and scooped my Favourite Artist Who Uses Collage and Has Referenced Pyramids title. Nice one Hoeckel! Gold star in the post.

More about the talented Baltimore-based artist right here.


My ears have been draining the life out of Purity Ring’s album, Shrines. I may or may not have Spotify’d it four times today (welcome to Australia, Spotify). The Canadian duo are Megan James and Corin Roddick and they deal in that line of electro-pop which you need to be at least 1/10th Scandinavian to pull off – dig into your genetics Purity Ring, there’ll be a Viking in there somewhere. Think Grimes, Little Dragon, The Knife, all my favourite bands….. ethereal lyrics, sweet-as-you-like vocals and dreamy bass. I mean, how can you not trust a band who’s artwork is a good as this?! A friend of collage is a friend of mine.

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Already looking forward to seeing my best buddy on Friday.

Image from here. It’s quite excellent and really worth a look.


Karen Kilimnik – dark yet feminine, kitsch and generally brill.



The horrible goings-on in London leave my brain frazzled. It feels like this country is falling apart at the seams and morals have gone out of the window. Thoughts are with the people who this has affected, the elderly people who live on their own and must be terrified and the police caught up in it. Hoping it ends soon and lessons are learned. Collages are by Thinkitem.

Face Ache.



I’ve banged on about him in this blog before, but can’t miss the opportunity to rave about the latest offerings from one of my favourite contemporary artists, Maurizio Anzeri. In this new collaboration, Anzeri has teamed up with photographer Richard Burbridge (a don in his own right) for this body of work which is set to feature in Dazed&Confused. And I flippin’ love it. Found courtesy of Milk Made.

Like this.

Now who would live in a house like this? It’s only one of the blinkin’ coolest girls on the planet, Opening Ceremony buyer Kate Foley. A Brit in New York, with a pretty snazzy job, this flat hits the nail on the head for me. Just the right amount of salvidged stuff to make the place feel homely, not chintzy, but with clean and modern design pieces thrown in the mix. A place as suited to lazy Sundays in pyjamas as it is to loft parties…and those silver tipped, red velvet heels? Damn!

As seen here.

To the beach?

Surely it’s time to hit the beach now?

Here and here.

Pucker up.

Get lippy? Can’t wait to try these looks out at the next important meeting or hot date.

Thanks to Rebecca for finding them and you can find ‘em too, here.